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We want to Empower India with a best Education.

Shiksha Dekho Education Improving Organization which run under ITMcore.

We are working on same product & Service since 2019 but ITMcore private Limited established in 2022 with the aim of providing best education to the students who are debarred of getting quality of education, who are weaker section of the society who are generally associated with the village area and also some parts of urban area as well. We have established our company with aim of eradicate  poverty by providing employment and that could only happen if quality of education is provided to the students. We aimed to prepare students in such a way that there  skill will develop and they can easily can go there interest field. It has been seen that many students are not getting right path and knowledge special who are undergraduate. Our focus is to prepare students getting their interest field. 

We take an example of china despite of having huge population there quality of education is much better than us in terms of employment, for example if we talk about technology them we find there is the lack of updated technology in India, management practice is not up to the mark, in Indian people are very less engaged in global learning practice, many students are migrate other countries because of the lack of good education available in India.

 We have market reached in rural area as well as urban also we observed that there is the lack of proper awareness between the students and very pathetic quality of education in these areas.

Meet Our Mentors

we have highly qualified mentors accociated with us for the students.

Founder & CEO

Prem Yadav Surya

MD & Co-Founder

Chiranjivi Kumar

MD & Co-Founder



Rahul Yadav Sury

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“I am very excited to begin this new year with your Branch. Your small classes, smiling faces, furry puppies, and warm welcomes were so comforting to both my son and me. He is very excited too. He can not wait for the workshop you talked about.”
by Raju Gautam
“I was impressed with the knowledge of the faculty and staff at The Education Academy. Everyone was very welcoming and I am confident this school will be a good fit for my child.”
by Mahima Shingh
“I must say I am very impressed after my visit to The Education Academy. Most importantly the interaction between children and teachers felt warm and caring. Felt like the building was a little family. I am excited about my child’s new beginning here. Thank you!”
by Amit Yadav

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